My Lead System Pro (MLSP) has a blog with content created by industry leaders. You have the ability to promote MLSP posts with others and receive a commission if they purchase MLSP Mastery, University, or any other MLSP product. However, you must be registered as an affiliate to do so.

You may not be registered

Are you a member of MLSP already? That's great. However it does NOT mean you are signed up as an affiliate on the MLSP Blog site. You will need to create a whole new login at and fill in your MLSP username in the settings.Alert Icon

You can register for an account on the MLSP Blog here.

Then update your profile on the blog site here.

Go Share!

You are now ready to share links from the blog. When you do share, make 100% (or even 110%) sure that you see "?id=<username>" at the end of the link you are sharing.

For example, if your username were donteague (which it's not!) the link would look like this: