Welcome to the world of domain names, and what you need to know in order to have one working for you.

Purchasing a domain name allows you to control the domain name that you just acquired. It does not get you anything else. A web site, email and everything that you might use with a domain name is sold separately.
In many cases, a provider of internet services will sell you a domain name, along with the services that you want. Email, web, etc. [Note: The author of this post well sell you a domain name. Visit https://hostedsite.link for details.
If you are purchasing a domain name for use with MLSP Sites you need to know the following.

1) MLSP does NOT offer email. If you want to use email with your domain you will need to purchase that service from some other provider. GoDaddy, as well as many others, will sell you email services.

2) When it comes to using your domain name with MLSP Sites, you need to visit mlspsites.com and watch the domain mapping video. If you register your domain name with a provider not listed on that page the domain name WILL WORK with MLSP Sites, but make SURE you follow the outline of the videos.

If you purchase a domain name from another source, you need to know the following.
a) FORWARD the naked domain (without the www) to www.<yourdomain>.<com>
b) Have the www.<yourdomain>.<com> be a CNAME for <yourmlspsite>.mlspsites.com
Do not let the technicians at the place you registered try and tell you otherwise. This is what you need to have it set up as.

3) You can use sub-domains with the MLSP Funnelizer. Thus if you own your own domain you can have a sub-domain just for your MLSP funnels. See the instructions inside of the MLSP Funnelizer for details.

There are different types of "Records" when it comes to a domain name. Here are the most common ones, with some very simplistic explanations.

  • A - The A record is where the domain name is tied down to an IP address. That IP address would be configured to respond to requests for that A records. Many A records can point to an IP address.
  • CNAME - Otherwise known as an alias. Sometimes when you visit "www.example.com" you are really visiting a web site that is configured for nrth.est.ww42.example.com, but is also configured to respond to request for www.example.com.
  • MX - This is what controls the email services for a domain. When you send an email the mail servers look for the MX record to determine where to send the email.

There are other DNS record types, but these are the most common ones, and the ones you will most likely need.


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