Welcome To The Hub

Don's Tech Hub was born out of an idea I had while helping others who are in Network Marketing. As many companies are starting allow their associates to go online to advertise their business I saw more and more people who didn't know how to build a web site, or had other problems.

I've also encountered people who had other technical problems they needed a resolution to, but they couldn't find anyone who would help them.

Thus the idea of The Hub was born.


Just a few of the people I've helped.


My History

I've been tinkering with computers since the 80's, going all the way back to when you had to save programs to cassette tape. (Yes, we had to do that back then.) I watched as my mother had a computer upgraded from 8k of memory to 16k (or 32k, I forget) of memory, and was laughed at by the technicians. Why? No one would need that amount of memory they said. Sure enough, one of the programs she used was updated, and now required more memory to run.

I ran a bulletin board system (BBS) node at my house for a few years. Aside from AOL and Prodigy, it was my first glimpse into the administration side of things. I had to configure it all myself, learning how to edit text files to make the thing work. I had to go out and get a second phone line so that people could dial into it, and play games, leave messages for others, etc. Fun times those were.

At this point the Internet as we know it today was in its infancy. Radio commercials talked about websites, but you heard them tell you to "Visit us at h t t p colon slash slash double u, double u, double u dot example dot com" Yes, they had to spell it all out for you then. You couldn't just type in 'example.com' into a browser (which was Netscape back in the day) and expect it to work.

Technology has come a long way since then. We have domains that end in the word Christmas, for example Synchronized.Christmas is a real domain. (And one of my businesses.)

I want The Hub to be a place you can come and find solutions to your technical problems. I also want it to be a place you can go and let someone else do it for you so you can run your business. Not everyone likes to spend time at the keyboard trying to make everything work, but it's something I love to do, and enjoy helping others achieve greatness online.

Welcome to the Hub. How I can help you?