You may have questions about The Hub. Here are the most common asked questions we get.

Basic Hub Facts

Signup and Purchase Process


Don's Tech Hub, as of July 2016, is a free service. We only charge for Website Creation Services. Please note that if you see a reference to a paid product on The Hub (besides Website Creation) then it is in error.


The first step is to create your account, which will sign you up as a free member. This is done via the Register page.  Once you have created your account, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set your password. Do not attempt to login until you receive that email.

Once you get the email with instructions on setting your password, go ahead and follow the steps shown in the email. After that you will have confirmed your account, and be able to sign in to The Hub.

We take this step to validate the account that is being signed up.

MLSP Services FAQ

Can you help me with the MLSP CRM?


However since getting to your MLSP CRM requires your MLSP username and password, this would be done remotely, via a screen sharing application. You would be watching everything I do in real time, and learning along the way.

Can you help me with Funnelizer?

I can help you with the MLSP Funnelizer, and walk through the steps needed to create your funnel. However since I would need your MLSP username and password to do it for you, it would be done via a screen sharing application. I would work on your funnel with you, while you are watching, so that you can learn how it's done, and not have to wait on me each time.

Do you need my MLSP Password?

In order to assist you with your MLSP Sites blog, I do NOT need your password. However, you will need to add me as an administrator to your blog.

Website Creation Services

Who owns my content?

You are the rightful owner of your content.

Depending on the theme that is used to create your site, you may be able to take the theme with you. Often paid themes do not come with resale rights. As such, you would have to recreate your site if you move it away from our hosting solution. However, do keep in mind that many providers will be in the same boat. They purchase the theme for use on their platform, and you have to recreate the site if you want to host it elsewhere.

Web Hosting

Our Web Hosting platform is from Liquid Web Hosting.

We have our own virtual servers that we provision your account from.  Have a need for your own virtual server? We can provision one for you, but you will be billed for this, as it's not a part of the Website Creation Package hosting. Depending on your specific needs we'll provision your hosting account in a location that will ensure that your website is fully available (excluding vendor maintenance, of course.)

We charge $19.95 a month for hosting. This includes your free SSL certificate (when your websites DNS is hosted by us) and 5 email accounts.

You are free to host your site anywhere you choose, but we hope you host it with us.

Getting Started

After your purchase of the Website Creation Package from The Hub, a series of events will take place.

We'll have a phone call to discuss what you would like us to do for you. If you've talked to us prior to the purchase, then we'll confirm our previous discussions.

Once this discussion has happened, we'll get started on your project.