We Create Your Website

Go ahead and leave the creation of your website or blog to the tech's at Don's Tech Hub.  We'll get your website created and hand it over to you so you can run your business as you see fit. If you'd like us to host the site for you, or have us perform ongoing maintenance, please talk to us.

There are three options to choose from:

  • MLSP Sites Creation - We'll create your website offered by MLSP. You will need to grant us administrative rights to your Sites™ blog. Note: You will need to gather, or configure on your own, some parts of the site, as we would not have access to this information.
  • MLSP Sites Creation - Divi Option - If you would like to use the Divi Theme, then you will need to purchase this package. The Divi theme takes extra time, and as such we charge extra for it.
  • Custom Blog Creation - We'll create your WordPress site for you, and let you choose the hosting location.
    • We do offer hosting services at $19.95/mo.
    • eCommerce options are available. If you open a merchant account with Bank of America, we may be able to waive some of the set up fees for our services.

For purchasing information, and more details, please see the purchase page.

Ps. There is a referral program. The rules are simple.

  1. You contact me to let me know you are sending someone my way.
  2. If they purchase a product, you get a referral.
  3. See rule #1. If you don't contact me before they do, you will not get a referral.
  4. Referral amounts are as follows:
    1. "MLSP Sites" Blog Creation - $25.00
    2. "MLSP Sites" Blog Creation Divi - $50.00
    3. Custom WordPress Site Creation - $85.00