Do you know how Content Spinning can help you? If you decide to purchase articles from 3rd party sites, then you will probably get something that looks like the gibberish below.

Content Spinning Example

{The {Benefits|Advantages|Rewards} of Caffeine|Is Caffeine {Beneficial|Valuable|Useful}?|Can You {Benefit From|Take advantage of|Reap the benefits of} Caffeine?}

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There are now millions of blogs on the web and this is simply because platforms like WordPress have made it very easy for non technical individuals to get a site online. Although there are several things you're going to have to learn you will discover that word press makes it simpler than just about anything else to get a blog started. As far as self hosted WordPress blogs are concerned there is lots of flexibility associated with how your blog looks and what you are able to do with it. The difficult part comes while you are looking to get visitors to your blog, but you will find that they are required in order to earn any cash from it. In order to get this blog traffic you're going to have to use a few different methods and we are going to be explaining a few of these in the following paragraphs.

Getting Started

When you first set up your blog you're going to want to make certain that you optimize it properly for the search engines like google. There are different plug in's available which can help you optimize your site properly not to mention you will need to do some key word research as well. It is essential to put quality content on your site simply because the very last thing you want is for men and women to land on your site and then immediately leave it. High quality content will keep people on your web site for a longer time period, and you will find that google will understand how long people will stay on your website, and they're going to reward you with better rankings. Many people who run blogs will add videos to every page in an attempt to keep the visitors on their site.

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Many individuals are beginning to learn that blogging can be a fantastic way for individuals to start earning cash on the web because they can monetize the site however they want. One thing that men and women have trouble with when they choose to start a blog is trying to determine if they should generate their own blog or they should use one of the free services that are available. Something you should be aware of with regards to the free blog in platforms that are available is some are a waste if you are trying to make cash while other individuals may be profitable. If you are one of the individuals who want to start your own blog we are going to be discussing a number of the options you have in this post.

Typically the most popular site that enables you to generate a blog is Word Press and we are going to take a peek at that platform first. As you can imagine simply because this is free it makes it very popular, and you are also going to find that Google loves this website so that can help you generate traffic. Obviously one of the main drawbacks of making use of this platform is that Word Press can end up canceling your blog at any time for any reason they want. This is typically done when individuals end up advertising affiliate links or try to take visitors from word press and send it to another web site.

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Facebook Advertising Webinar

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Some time back I put on a webinar that talked about Facebook Advertising. It's a 30 minute webinar and covers a variety of topics. Please note that as of this writing the video is distorted a bit. Investigation underway.

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There are many things you should consider when determining if you want your WordPress site self hosted or not.

Why Choose Self Hosted

Hosting your own WordPress blog on your own servers, or possibly through a hosting provider, gives you many freedoms that you may not have with another provider. As you will see below there are times where you are restricted on what you can or can not do with your WordPress site. However, if you choose self hosted, then you can run whatever you like, since you are the one who is managing the installation. If course you may also be responsible for the backup of your data, and reinstalling it of something goes wrong, keeping up with security updates, etc.

Hosting your WordPress blog on has the advantages of being set up for you by WordPress, with all updates and plugins being managed by them. However, on the free versions of WordPress, your blog will have advertisements attached it it. You'd also be limited in the amount of storage space you have available to you for graphics that you could post on your blog.

A purchased WordPress plan, either from or another provider, gives you more options for running your site, but as the word 'purchased' implies, it is going to cost money.

One of the other downsides to a free account, or some of the other paid WordPress plans, is that you are restricted in your ability to install plugins. Various plugins are used to enhance the functionality of a web site. For example, did you notice that once you logged in the next asking you to log in disappeared? That is part of the membership plugin that is used on this site.

Using some of the free options out there wouldn't let you install plugins. Another example is the WordPress offering from My Lead System Pro. They have supplied you with many plugins that you can use on your blog. However, they do not allow you to install your own plugins. While the selection of plugins should be enough for most people, it is not enough for everyone. In those cases you would be wanting to host your blog in a new location.