Access and Benefits

  • Facebook Access
    • Private Facebook Group Access
    • Facebook Live - Live Q&A sessions on tech issues you are facing. Web sites, funnels, etc.
    • Benefit: Access to community of people who may have the same problem, and be able to help when I'm asleep.
  • Access to content on
  • Recorded webinars / Facebook Live broadcasts
    • Benefit: History of material on topics that you can view right then.
  • Various training on WordPress, Joomla, etc.
    • Benefit: Extra training specific to the WordPress and/or Joomla specific to what others are doing in the community.
  • 1 Call/mo to ask questions.
    • Benefit: 1 to 1 access to me to ask questions, and get answers to your specific needs.
  • Self Managed WordPress Hosting. [You design, build, backup, etc.]
    • Benefit: Already have hosting? Don't like your current host? You'll get a hosting account.
    • Auto-Update of WordPress Core.
    • Benefit: Web hosting account that is pre-configured for WordPress ready to go. Updates to WordPress done for you.
  • Free Graphic - Have a Facebook/Twitter or other Social media account you need a graphic for? Have a web site and don't like your current website header? - I will create a graphic for you.
    • Benefit: Saves you the time of setting it up yourself.
Overall benefits: Access to Don's 30+ years in computers, and knowledge comes with it. An IT Generalist who understands how the moving parts of the Internet goes together, and the ability to dig into specific technologies when needed. Time saving training videos to review various technologies that you may be using, or want to use.
The community of people who are sharing some of the same struggles as you, and can be of assistance to you when needed. No fear in asking a question, because everyone in the group has been there before.



Cost is $197 for the first month. $15.95 per month there after.

NOTICE: This is a subscription payment. It will AUTO-RENEW at the end of your term. You must cancel your subscription if you do not wish to continue at The Hub.

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