Twitter graphics sized vary depending on how you are going to use them. When working on graphics for your Twitter account, here are some things you should keep in mind.


  • Header photo (recommended dimensions are 1500x500 pixels)
  • Profile photo (recommended dimensions are 400x400 pixels)

What to put on there

The header photo is what people will see when they visit your Twitter profile page. This is your chance to impress visitors with everything about you all at once. The entire header will be visible to people, so make it count!

Consider placing the following on there

  • Your "Why" - Why is this account here?
  • Your website address
  • An email contact
  • Other social media accounts (optional)

By putting this information on your header, you give people an idea of who you are, and what you are trying to accomplish with your Twitter account. Having a blank header doesn't tell them anything about you and doesn't give them much of a reason to follow you.