Let me be your technical adviser. Are you having technical problems that you don't see covered here? Just want to bounce technical ideas off of someone who is technical in nature?

Consider hiring me as your technical adviser.

What is a technical adviser?

Are you having technical issues you just can't get resolved anywhere else? Maybe you don't want to ask friends or family for some fear of rejection. Perhaps you are technical in nature, but just want to bounce ideas off of someone else. As your technical coach, I'm here to help you with these issues and more.Technical Adviser Graphic

I do not proclaim to know everything. When you contact me about advising, I will talk with you about what you want to achieve. If your issue is something that I may not know a lot about, then I won't take you on as a client. There's no reason to waste each others time, is there?

How I can help you

My experience with technology, computers and the internet, goes back over 30 years. I was the kid with a computer in the age where rotary phones were commonplace, VCR's came with wired remotes and data was saved not to a disk, hard drive or USB drive, but to cassette tape.

I've grown up around technology and have watched it evolve into what it is today.

Get Started

My email and phone number information appear on this page. You'll get a combination of phone support, screen sharing sessions, and priority email support, among other things depending on what you might need.